Rosario Mescco Pumasupa

Community Health Project Coordinator

Rosario brings a strong background in health education and training to her role as Community Health Project Coordinator for DESEA. She previously worked for the Ministry of Health as a licensed nurse, and as an assistant professor in a technical nursing program at the Instituto Superior Tecnologico Anta, Cusco. Rosario oversees all aspects of the health service delivery, qhali training, and community education projects, reporting to the Executive Director, Sandra McGirr, and to Program Manager, Judy Chávez.

Rosario was drawn to DESEA by its mission to improve living standards in the high Andes via disease prevention and promotion of healthy practices. Her work as a nurse helping improve community conditions continually inspires her to learn new methods in health practice and education.

Rosario focuses on maintaining constant contact with Andean families, which she sees as the central means of community health and development. She believes the most significant impact of DESEA’s work can be had at the family level since this is where the greatest potential exists for developing and spreading the knowledge, practices, and behaviours necessary for a healthy life. Through her work with DESEA, Rosario looks forward to implementing new strategies in health education for the continued benefit of Andean communities.

Rosario is from Cusco, where she completed her degree as a licensed nurse at the Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del Cusco. Rosario is working on her Masters of Public Health with a focus on epidemiology. She is fluent in Quechua and Spanish.