Samantha Serrano

Program Development Coordinator

Inspired by the efforts of campesino communities to improve their health and development conditions in DESEA’s project areas, Samantha joined the DESEA Peru team in 2017.  She is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of DESEA’s projects, data collection and analysis, report preparation, and grant writing.

Samantha found her passion in community health and community-based participatory research through projects with Latino immigrants in the U.S. on topics ranging from occupational health and safety, worker’s rights, substance use, and stress management.  At DESEA, Samantha enjoys working collaboratively with the team in the development of appropriate evaluation tools in order to understand the impact of programs and strategies for improvement.  Her hope for the future is for DESEA to further develop and continue its participatory approach in the implementation of programs so that communities are able to reach their goals and achieve wellbeing.

Samantha was born in California and was raised with the traditions of her Salvadoran family. She completed a Master’s in Environmental Health at the University of Washington (Seattle) in 2013.