Get to know the DESEA Peru team.

At DESEA, the board, staff, and qhalis operate closely as a single team. Get to know us here.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Our board of directors is composed of individuals who serve as representatives for DESEA stakeholders to establish ethical organizational policies and make high-level operational decisions.

Sandy Hart

Founder & Director at Large

Sandra McGirr


Vilma Florez Huayllapuma


Judy Chavez Ipenza


Mary Luz Palomino Zamalloa


Meet Our Team

Each member of the DESEA team brings passion and commitment to the project and, with their expertise, is helping to develop healthy, sustainable Andean communities.

Judy Chavez Ipenza

Program Manager

David Villagarcia Ramirez

Water Project Coordinator

Sandra McGirr

Community Health Project Coordinator

Vilma Florez Huayllapuma

Community Health Nurse

Beto Palomino Ayma

Community Health Nurse & Water Filter Tech

Mary Luz Palomino Zamalloa

Community Health Nurse

Rosario Mescco Pumasupa

Head Nurse

Joely Ochoa Cabrera

Administrative Assistant

Samantha Serrano

Program Development Coordinator

Meet Our Qhali's

Qhalis (Quechua for “healthy”) are our partners in the communities in which DESEA works. Elected by their communities to serve as health workers, these highly competent women embody the DESEA Peru mission and are essential to its success.

Tiburcia Espinoza Huilhua

2 children, Accha Alta Community

Evarista Ppati Quispe

1 child, Ttio Grande Community

Jeronima Siccus Ccoyo

7 children, Huarqui Community

Benita Guiterrez Mamani

7 children, Huarqui Community

Juana Puclla Puma

4 children, Huarqui Community

Gabina Quispe Merma

2 children, Huarqui Community

Cirilia Huaman Puma

3 children, Huarqui Community

Juana Puma Huaman

5 children, Ttio 2B Community

Rocio Yucra Huaman

3 children, Pampallacta Community

Paulina Huaman Condori

5 children, Pampallacta Community

Noemi Ppoccohuanca Juarez

3 children, Pampallacta Community

Felicitas Meza Huayta

3 children, Ttio Grande Community

Feliciana Tapara Mamani

3 children, Ttio 2B Community

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