Vilma Florez Huayllapuma

Vice President

Vilma has a passion for inspiring Andean women to become community leaders through DESEA’s programs. She is committed to reducing malnutrition and anemia by way of cooperation and counseling. Vilma sees DESEA as a catalyst for empowering women to learn new ways by which they can improve their own and their families’ futures. Her long-term goal for DESEA is that the organization strengthens the communities it serves to the degree that they no longer need to rely on external help, and can attain long-term health and economic sustainability.

Vilma is from the Yanatile District of Calca province in central Peru. Her background is in nursing and nutrition, and she studied technical nursing at the Instituto Superior Tecnológico Publico Clorinda Matto de Turner in Calca.

As Vice-President and long-term staff member, Vilma brings an awareness and passion for all of DESEA Peru’s activities. She began working with DESEA in 2009 and developed, with Sandra, numerous aspects of the community health nursing and qhali programs. She has been involved with DESEA’s health program since its inception, and this knowledge, accompanied by her strong understanding of Andean health needs and culture make her an invaluable member of the DESEA Peru Board of Directors.