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Partnering with vulnerable Andean communities to achieve wellbeing through water, health, education, and economic opportunities.

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Update on our Special Campaign Seeking Support for Three Women in the DESEA Peru Projects

Our first patient, the 30-year-old woman has come through her cranial surgery and is recovering in hospital while awaiting pathology results of her brain tumor. She was delighted to see one of our nurses who visited this past weekend. This past week DESEA Peru delivered a large food basket to the family, and they were very thankful for this support. We will continue to follow the patient and her family during her recovery, and we will be meeting with the patient’s husband to give him some further funds to assist with the high transportation costs from his community to the hospital so that he can support his wife.

Our second patient has started her chemotherapy treatment, and although she is struggling, she is very thankful for the support she is receiving from the donations obtained through this special campaign. Our nurse visited her over the weekend and reported that she was enjoying a visit with her eldest daughter. DESEA Peru delivered a large food basket last week to the family, as well as giving money to support transportation costs for her children and her mother. We will be continuing to support this woman and her children, and we are presently trying to arrange for blood donations which are desperately needed. DESEA plans to use some of the funds raised to pay for transportation costs to Cusco for the blood donors.

Our third patient will be visited this week by the nurses, to start the process of making transportation arrangements for her medical visits to Cusco. We will be meeting with the family and determining who in her family will be accompanying her. Money raised through this campaign will be used to pay for the transportation and medical bills as needed.

Once again thanks to everyone who has supported the campaign financially or through posting this request. We are still taking donations for this campaign, so if you feel you can donate please send us a note.
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Qhali Evarista Responds to an Emergency
In March, qhali Evarista was approached by a man in her community who informed her that a fellow community member had fallen and injured herself the previous day. Nieves, a 50-year-old woman, had been lying in her bed alone in her house since the incident, unable to move or get help. Upon hearing of the woman’s condition, Evarista was certain that Nieves would need to be seen at the hospital, and thus arranged for a taxi to start the long trip up to her community. When Evarista arrived she found Nieves in a great deal of pain, with her neighbors trying to move her unsuccessfully. Evarista assessed the patient and finding a lower limb fracture used her first aid supplies (provided by Rotary Club of Coquitlam) to stabilize the fracture and prepare the patient for transport. Together with the help of community members they carried Nieves on a stretcher to the taxi, an hour’s walk from the patient’s home. Later that evening, Evarista confirmed with the health center that Nieves has been seen and treated, and she was thankful that she had been able to assist her neighbor.

Prior to the involvement of DESEA’s qhalis, situations such as the one suffered by Nieve’s, could easily have left the patient permanently disabled. At DESEA Peru, we are extremely impressed by the passion and initiative that Evarista continues to demonstrate in the care of her community. She is a fine example of the vital role the qhalis serve in their remote and marginalized areas.
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DESEA Peru carries out water, health and economic development projects in 11 remote Andean communities in southern Peru. We normally work on community-scale projects; however, we occasionally need to ask for help for residents' individual circumstances. Normally this is to help one family in need, but right now we have three very difficult situations unfolding, and we are seeking donations for family sustenance and medical expenses.

Our first patient is a 30-year-old woman, with six children – her youngest only three years old. She has been suffering for three years with headaches and was recently found unconscious in her home. Only then, upon examination in Cusco, did she receive the diagnosis that she has a brain tumor (not yet known if it is malignant or benign). She will undergo a very risky operation in Cusco on April 10. Her husband is travelling at great expense between his isolated community and Cusco to support both his children and his wife. He is thus unable to work and the family is under a great deal of financial and emotional stress.

Our second patient is a 35-year-old woman with three children aged 8-15, has recently been diagnosed with leukemia and has been hospitalized in Cusco. She receives no support from the children's father; thus her children must manage on their own, with some limited help from their elderly grandfather. Although her chemotherapy is covered by the government, most of her other expenses are not, and this family is struggling, as they live in extreme poverty. It is difficult for any of the family or friends to help Celestina while she is hospitalized because they simply have no funds.

Our last patient is a 44-year-old mother of seven, with her youngest three children still living at home. They live in a very isolated community and her husband’s only work is in their small fields of potatoes. Saturnina has a large abdominal mass which urgentlly needs surgery, but the family is so poor that they cannot afford the expenses of travel and medical attention in Cusco.

So we are asking if you have any amount you can spare to help these families. Any donations received for these patients will be used to purchase food and educational materials for the children and to cover medical expenses for the mothers. If you think you can help, please contact me directly or send a message to us at
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We support remote high Andean communities through the following programs:

Water Treatment

Our water treatment program is centered around fighting biological contaminants present in drinking water sources in the Andes.

Health Education

Our education program offers health-related courses to the school-age children and adults in the communities we serve.

Health Services

By delivering health services we’re developing a solution to address the higher than average mortality rates in rural Andean communities.

Community Development

In our development program, we assist in project organization, investment concepts, government applications, and liaison services.

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