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Partnering with vulnerable Andean communities to achieve wellbeing through water, health, education, and economic opportunities.

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1 week ago


A School of Leaders in the Community of Huarqui

Last year, DESEA Peru saw great advances in the trust, organization, and initiative of members in the community of Huarqui. DESEA worked hand-in-hand with the Huarqui Board of Directors to plan for projects and programs in 2018 that were in-line with the community’s development goals.

One such goal was a School of Leaders. The aim of this school is to empower community members by equipping them with knowledge and tools for the governing of their community, as well as the literacy skills needed to develop and execute successful projects.

In June of 2018, the school was initiated with 24 women members, each excited to learn. The women enjoy the space to come together and discuss issues that are important to them. As well, the participatory and low-literacy methods - such as theater, art, and storytelling - are used to teach many important topics such as leadership, self-esteem and community organization. The classes have been well-received and have had excellent attendance. During recent sessions, members have also begun learning the alphabet and practicing hand-writing. The DESEA team is thrilled to work with this exceptional group of women and to be a part of their transformation into leaders of their community.
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1 month ago


A traditional Andean practice to fight against anemia

In 2017, it was found that 43.5% of Peruvian children 6 – 35 months suffer from anemia. To combat this alarming rate, the Peruvian government has called on agents from the public and private sector to respond. At DESEA, staff is working jointly with local institutions on this issue in the context of our project communities.

One component of this work involves the rescuing of a traditional Andean practice: the making of charqui. Charqui is a type of dehydrated meat that can be stored safely for prolonged periods of time, can be made with few resources and with a variety of organs (blood, spleen, liver) that are especially high in iron. This practice is ideal for communities where income is scarce, and there is typically no refrigeration.

Last month, DESEA staff and qhalis practiced the making of charqui, promoting the use of blood and the spleen which have enough iron for the adequate daily intake of a growing child with only one tablespoon! Qhalis are sharing their knowledge with their neighbors and DESEA will also be offering charqui-making workshops to community members next month.
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1 month ago


And still, another awesome DESEA Peru story about our qhali Genera. It is incredible to see how education and empowerment of women can make such a significant impact. You go girls! ... MoreLess

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Learn About Our Programs

We support remote high Andean communities through the following programs:

Water Treatment

Our water treatment program is centered around fighting biological contaminants present in drinking water sources in the Andes.

Health Education

Our education program offers health-related courses to the school-age children and adults in the communities we serve.

Health Services

By delivering health services we’re developing a solution to address the higher than average mortality rates in rural Andean communities.

Community Development

In our development program, we assist in project organization, investment concepts, government applications, and liaison services.

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