Together for strong communities.

We’re on a mission to reduce poverty and to strengthen communities.

Our Mission

Partnering with vulnerable Andean communities to achieve wellbeing through water, health, education, and economic opportunities.

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2 weeks ago


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2 months ago


We have just finished analyzing 9 months of data in the DESEA Peru project areas for newborn birth weights and heights. It is exciting to see that 97.5% of newborns were born above 2.7 kilos of weight and 47 cm height, giving them the start they need for the harsh conditions of the high Andes. Our only newborn born below these limits, was likely due to the fact that the mother received vitamins for only 1 month prior to delivery. A huge shout out to Vitamin Angels and the benefits being realized through their maternal vitamin program. ... MoreLess

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3 months ago


The women of the Association Munay Tikary have continued to develop their Textile Production Center and a catalog of winter accessories and home decor. In July, the Association completed a special order and sold hand-woven warm hats, scarves and bracelets at an event for Scouts International. With the success of their sales, the women feel motivated to keep organizing their association and learning about production processes, improved weaving technique and sales of a diverse set of products. ... MoreLess

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Learn About Our Programs

We support remote high Andean communities through the following programs:

Water Treatment

Our water treatment program is centered around fighting biological contaminants present in drinking water sources in the Andes.

Health Education

Our education program offers health-related courses to the school-age children and adults in the communities we serve.

Health Services

By delivering health services we’re developing a solution to address the higher than average mortality rates in rural Andean communities.

Community Development

In our development program, we assist in project organization, investment concepts, government applications, and liaison services.