Your donations are essential to our work.

All donations allow Andean communities to flourish with the provision of clean water, health, education and economic development.

Donation Options in The United States

Below we have listed set donation amounts. Each set amount has with it a description of how it will support Andean communities in Peru. Of course, donors also have the option to give a different amount of their choosing. After clicking on Donate, you’ll be redirected to our affiliated donation page hosted by Capitol City Medical Teams*.

* Capitol City Medical Teams (CCMT) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation which provides tax receipts for U.S. donations on behalf of DESEA Peru. 100% of all donations go to benefit DESEA Peru programs. U.S. law and Internal Revenue Service regulations require CCMT to maintain control of the use of its money and assets. CCMT must reserve the right to stop funding organizations in the event it finds the money is not being used legally, for a purpose consistent with their mission, or for the purpose for which the funds were intended.

$25 USD

Support one child suffering from moderate or severe anemia by providing two months of iron supplements.

$40 USD

Support ten school-age children by providing iron supplements, hemoglobin testing, and parasite treatment for six months.

$50 USD

Provide five children with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and a dental check-up and treatment from a certified dentist.

$75 USD

Support a qhali in her community. Qhalis are trained in first aid, filter monitoring, and healthcare services.

$100 USD

One family will receive a biosand water filter with related support and education, providing them with a permanent and secure water treatment system.

$200 USD

Specialized health education programs will be delivered to each community to increase knowledge and understanding of important health issues.

$300 USD

Adopt a school to provide interactive programs targeted at increasing children’s health knowledge and capacity throughout the academic year.

$500 USD

Support economic training for a women’s organization for one year, including skill development, sales, and marketing strategies, and household financial planning.

Why Donations Are Processed Through CCMT

All donations directed to DESEA Peru are processed by CCMT (Capitol City Medical Teams), a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation capable of providing tax receipts for all U.S. donations. The entirety of DESEA Peru donations processed by CCMT directly benefit our programs. In support of DESEA’s work, CCMT charges no fee for its services.

U.S. law and IRS regulations require CCMT to maintain control of the use of its funds and assets. CCMT reserves the right to stop supporting organizations in the event that it finds funds are being used illegally, for unethical purposes, or not as initially intended.

Breakdown of 2017 Funding:

Water Maintenance and Protection

Community Health Education

Health Services Delivery

Economic and Social Development

Program Development

Administration and Fundraising