Our partners are our family.

Each one of our partners provide us with important contributions, making our work in the high Andes possible. Get to know them here.

Our Partners Are Our Family

We’re ever grateful to our generous partners, each of whom play an important role in supporting strong and healthy communities in the high Andes of Peru through the various programs we offer.

The Vibrant Village Foundation believes in investing in the self-betterment potential of communities throughout the world. They provide support for villages in the areas of nutrition and health, clean water, agriculture, education, arts, and economic development, achieving measurable and long-term results. As our major contributor, The Vibrant Village provides a broad range of support in all aspects of our work.

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Christadelphian Meal-A-Day Fund of the Americas strives to support sustainable "down-to-earth" projects that focus on supporting vulnerable children, providing clean water, agricultural skills, basic healthcare, education, and a meal a day. CMaD is typically able to deliver 97% of its income directly to their projects. Christadelphian Meal-A-Day Fund supports to our community health program.

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Vitamin Angels provides lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children at risk of malnutrition, reducing preventable illness, blindness, and death in order to create a healthier world. They are present in over 66 countries and reach 52 million children and mothers in need anually. Vitamin Angels donates maternal and children’s vitamin supplements to families in our communities on an ongoing basis.

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Wake Media is a branding agency that works with clients to discover their unique voice, message, and image. They are committed to ensuring that their clients communicate in ways that best connect them to their audience. They support us by volunteering their time and services designing and maintaining our website and acting as our digital branding agency.

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The Rotary Club of Unley, Australia is supporting DESEA Peru through the Rotary International Global Grant #1641312, hosted by the Rotary Club of Cusco, Peru. The Rotary International Grant supports qhali training, the provision of biosand water filters, the Women’s Economic Development Centre, dental health programs for students, and the Days for Girls program.

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The Rotary Club of Coquitlam, Canada concentrates its efforts on supporting the varied needs of the elderly, youth and the less advantaged, adhering to their motto of "Service Above Self." They also support different relief efforts in Thailand, Mexico, Africa, and throughout Peru. The Rotary Club of Coquitlam supports our health services and health education programs.

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Capitol City Medical Teams (CCMT) provides healthcare, health education, and clean water in impoverished areas. In addition to sponsoring medical teams in foreign countries and working closely with hosting organizations, CCMT processes all of our donations and issues tax receipts on behalf of DESEA Peru in the U.S. It also provides some financial oversight.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

John T. StephensSenior Director, Programs & Partnerships, Vibrant Village Foundation

“Vibrant Village has been a proud partner of DESEA Peru for many years. In the remote mountains of Peru, community members have long suffered from a lack of access to basic healthcare and clean water. DESEA’s innovative approaches to providing cost-effective, high-impact solutions to the people in these communities is bringing lifesaving, transformational change to those that need it most. Their programs not only serve families but empower local women to carry out this work, ensuring the long-term viability of program results.”

Bruce ParkerChairman, Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund of the Americas

“The Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund of the Americas has been a financial supporter of DESEA Peru for over 5 years. From direct observation and from third-party reports, we have seen that DESEA is an unusually well-organized charitable foundation, providing direct health-related services and training of local women as health providers. DESEA is directly responsible for saving lives, improving child and mother health, and providing health services and potable water to thousands of the poorest of the poor in Peru.”

Howard B. SchifferPresident, Vitamin Angels

“DESEA has woven themselves into the fabric of the communities they are serving to build a truly sustainable and scalable model. The heart of DESEA is vast and the difference they are making in these women's and children's lives is inspiring. It would be hard to find a more efficient and effective organization.”

Ryan O. CollinsCo-Founder, Wake Media

“I was fortunate enough to visit DESEA Peru's home office in Lamay and accompany the team to a number of the communities where they work. Arriving at their office, I was immediately struck by how passionate the entire DESEA team is about the work they do. They're on a mission not only to help isolated communities in the Peruvian high Andes but also to put a system in place by which the residents of these communities will eventually have the necessary skills to carry on DESEA's work on their own. Seeing the faces of the women and children whose lives they impact is truly moving and uplifting.”

Trevor McGuirkProject Manager, Rotary Unley, Australia Club

“DESEA is a very professional NGO. Working with the directors and their project manager has been a pleasure and very rewarding. DESEA are implementing all aspects of the project diligently and professionally. They pay particular attention to all aspects of the project especially the training of indigenous women in primary health care. I endorse the work DESEA is doing and have no hesitation in recommending their work to other organizations.”

Dr. Kathleen RossProject Leader, Rotary Club of Coquitlam

“The Rotary Club of Coquitlam, Rotary Club of Chilliwack and other Rotary Clubs of District 5050, began our association with DESEA Peru in 2016 providing a Vocational Training Team through a Rotary International Grant. It is clear that DESEA Peru has a strong relationship with the local village people, leaders, the governmental and non-governmental agencies, and this is a testament to their commitment, dedication, and desire to make life better for the people of these remote villages. In short, they have the right approach to helping the less fortunate improve their lives, not simply by providing clean water and basic medical supplies, but through their sustainable programs.”

Eric MillerChief Executive Officer, Capitol City Medical Teams

“Capitol City Medical Teams has had a partnership with DESEA Peru for almost a decade. We have similar missions in that we want to improve people's living conditions. Their work with the installation of biosand water filters and educating and empowering indigenous women has been impressive. We are delighted that our partnership will continue for decades to come.”

A message from us, to each one of our partners:
Thank you.

We are most grateful for the vital contributions of our partners which allow us to implement our programs. From the local women serving as community health workers to our partners and their supporters, we are all working together for the strength and well-being of Andean communities.