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Volunteer Opportunities

DESEA Peru welcomes and is able to accommodate between one and two individuals at a time for assistance in our water and health programs. Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum four weeks in a given program, must possess an intermediate level of Spanish, and are required to be at least 21 years old. Volunteers generally commit to making a project donation, and are responsible for their own food, lodging, and transportation. For those who wish to volunteer but are not able to travel to our project areas, valuable assistance can be provided in the areas of research, social media management, marketing and promotional activities.

Water Treatment & Maintenance

Volunteers in our water program help with tasks such as filter construction and installation, mapping, data analysis, and communications.

Health Services

Spanish-speaking licensed registered nurses with experience in community health, public health, or health education are encouraged to volunteer. We also welcome medical professionals for periodic medical campaigns.


Volunteers with a background in public or global health can assist with literature reviews, data analysis, and the development of survey and evaluation tools.

Social Media

Volunteers with experience in marketing and communications can assist with social media management, improvements, and updates. Bilingual (English and Spanish) volunteers are preferred.

Marketing and Promotion

Volunteers with design skills can assist in the development of promotional materials including newsletters, pamphlets, and graphics for community educational materials. Experienced videographers are also in demand for help with promotional videos.

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