David Villagarcia Ramirez

Deputy Program Manager & Water Project Coordinator

David coordinates all aspects of the Water Project, including construction and installation of biosand water filters, water system maintenance, and environmental protection in the communities. Additionally, David is working directly with local community governments to develop long-term economic projects. In 2017, David oversaw the construction of a large multi-use community hall, working with local community governments to execute the project on time and on budget.

David’s academic background in engineering ideally suits him to lead all water-related projects at DESEA. He is committed to the planning, organization, direction, and overall control of water filtration initiatives. David is gratified that his role at DESEA has allowed him to put his training into practice in real-world conditions, providing direct benefits to members of high Andean communities. He highly values the positive effects of his work and that of the organization as a whole and looks forward to continuing his contribution to DESEA’s development of sustainable community programs.

David is from Cusco, Peru. He studied electrical engineering at the Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del Cusco, as well as industrial engineering at the Universidad Andina del Cusco. Since joining DESEA he has taken additional training in hydrology and water treatment systems.